I-saw grew out of a previous incarnation of the partnership of Graffiti Writer and Artist Chum 101 and Fashion Designer Rachael Taylor as club night event organisers where they used experimental graffiti oriented concepts combined with multi media such as projections, animations, performance and sculptures. This led to creating fashion garments, firstly through customisation with an emphasis on embroidery and appliqué. Chum 101 discovered how to use the sewing machine as a drawing tool, which spilled over into the textile artworks. I-saw then channelled this into an original signature style, that showcased their unique combination of print and embroidery, their use of all over pattern and unusual garment shapes, adding up to the fully realized design concept of I-saw.

I-saw has been involved in art shows in Berlin, Barcelona, Beverly Hills LA, New York and Tokyo. Included in the books Custom Kicks by Maki, Street Art by Rik Blackshaw and Liz Farrelly. The hand engraved customised trainers are currently featured in the Fashion V Sport exhibition that showcased at the V&A, London and currently travelling around Europe.